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Reserve Kastrakli

The reserve is an exceptionally beautiful landscape with vertical rocks, centuries-old forests of white pine, fir, beech, sycamore, hop hornbeam and aspen (age 200 years). 25 protected plant species have been identified. Reserve Kastrakli is a kind of a paradise for butterflies, wild orchids, mountain flowers in general, etc. A small 18-meter deep reservoir (artificial lake) has been created with a water area of 35 decares which is filled by a small underground spring and is a tourist attraction in itself. In the reserve are strictly forbidden the following activities: lifestock grazing, cutting of woods, picking of flowers and herbs, lighting fires, hunting, fishing, making noises – singing, crying and listenig to loud music.

Язовир Кастракли

Over 450 species of butterflies have been identified here, and a special natural center is being built that will house in a separate area the Museum of the butterfly. museum_of_buterflies

The area of the reserve is approximately 130 hectares, it is popular among tourist, fond of walking, with the beautiful meadow Kastrakli and from there on mountain paths the tourists can continue to the hut Orpheus and The Kemera bridge.

Мост Кемера

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