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With its raw, yet soft nature - alternating sharp rocks, cliffs and canyons, and rounded ridges and pastures, lush and calm waters, ancient green forests and lush meadows - Western Rhodopes tourist region captivates the hearts of the tourists. The fresh mountain air charms with the scent of Bratzigovo roses, wildflowers and herbs. Forest berries on the mountain meadows are like tiny hearts that quietly persuade you to agree to return again and again and again! It is impossible to see everything remarkable and interesting when travelling for a few days but undoubtedly one of the most amazing sights in the tourist region of Western Rhodopes are as follow:

Ravnogor Thracian Mounds

In November 1986 in Chemerikata area near the village of Ravnogor, during a potato sowing, villagers came upon a stone facility that later became known as the biggest domed Thracian tomb in Bulgaria. The discovery of the Ravnogor tomb urged the senior research scientist Georgi Kitov to excavate the site with a team of archeologists in 1987. The tombs date back to the 4th-6th C BC and are 20 in num...Read more

Karadzha Dere

The protected area Karadzha dere is located near the town of Dospat and the village of Kusak, with a surface of about 1,000 hectares. It is established in 2008 to protect the habitats of rare and endangered plants and animal species along the Sarnena river /the Karadzha dere River/  and its adjacent areas.  Among the protected species are: /herbs/: Balkan thistle (Doronicum austriacum Jack), Zelen...Read more

Eco path Struilitsa-Kaleto-Lakata

Along The Devinska River in the Western Rhodopes an atractive ecopath is build.  The path impresses with its metal bridges, staircases and rest areas, and is a favourite place for walks for tourists and local people.  The ecopath  starts from the recreation area Struilitsa which is known for its outdoor swimming pools. There are therapeutic pools, a steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi. The well-maintained ...Read more

The Elefant

The whimsical rock formation The Elefant is a natural rock formation that resembles an elephant and is located in the Nastanska mogila area, on the banks of the Shirokalashka River, along the Smolyan-Devin road.  The Elefant is situated in Shirokolashka fault zone, which has a leading role in the formation of the Trigrad karst and the Trigrad cave region, which is the second largest in the Rhodope...Read more

Eagle Eye

The panoramic platform Eagle Eye is favourite attraction оf the tourists in the region of Western Rhodopes. The facility was built to enable tourists to enjoy the magnificent views of Buinovo Gorge, the hills of the Rhodope Mountains and even Rila and Pirin.The panoramic site Eagle Eye is built on the top of Mount St. Eliah  at a height of 1563 m. and is unique for Bulgaria. The picturesque Buynov...Read more

The Dospat Dam

Located at an altitude of 1200 meters, the Dospat dam reservoir is among the highest in Bulgaria, and with its water area of 22 000 decares it ranks second in volume. The lake is 18 km long, its average width – 3 km and its average depth – 40 m. Its waters are used for sports fishing as well as for water tourism. The locals call the lake The diamond eye of the Rhodopes. It’s a favorite spot for re...Read more

The Tsankov Kamak Dam

The largest dam built in Bulgaria since the mid 80s onwards, is The Tsankov Kamak Dam. Located near the village of Mihalkovo, the dam is part of the Dospat-Vacha Water Cascade. The dam collects water by rivers Vacha and Gashnya, and its volume is 111 thousand cubic meters of water. The shores of the lake are very steep and inaccessible, its altitude is about 680 m. The water mirror of the reservoi...Read more

Reserve Kastrakli

The reserve is an exceptionally beautiful landscape with vertical rocks, centuries-old forests of white pine, fir, beech, sycamore, hop hornbeam and aspen (age 200 years). 25 protected plant species have been identified. Reserve Kastrakli is a kind of a paradise for butterflies, wild orchids, mountain flowers in general, etc. A small 18-meter deep reservoir (artificial lake) has been created with ...Read more

The Red Rock

The view to the Rhodope Mountains from the Red Rock area is delightful, so it takes a worthy place among the sights of the Western Rhodopes.  The Red Rock is located above the village Ravnogor near another local landmark – Bekovi rocks. Besides the unforgettable view, Red Rock is also known for the legend that comes from centuries of Ottoman rule – two young girls threw themselves from...Read more

Trigrad Gorge

Along the river Trigradska and the Devin-Trigrad road, 1.5 km away from the village, is located the majestic and strikingly beautiful Trigrad Gorge, also declared a protected area. The Trigrad Gorge is a deep gorge along the Trigradska River. This majestic view of vertical rocks partly covered by spruce and pine add special value to the natural reserve. The limestone cliffs of the gorge form one o...Read more


The rock formation Skaleto is located approximately 1.5 km to the west of the village Tsrancha (Dospat municipality). It is interesting that it was used as a sanctuary back in the late Bronze Age and in the Iron Age. The area around the village is dotted with Thracian and Roman tombs. An ancient Thracian and Roman road is preserved which connected the settlement with the Aegean sea. After amateur ...Read more

Bekovi Rocks

When you climb to the Bekovi rocks in front of you reveals the fascinating views of the beautiful hills of The Western Rhodopes, covered with ancient forests and among them the sparkling waters of Vacha Dam. The air is clean and fresh and on the rocks several benches are placed for the benefit of tourists. There is a comfortable road from the village of Ravnogor that leads to Bekovi Rocks. The vil...Read more

Samodivsko Praskalo Waterfall

The beautiful waterfall Samodivsko praskalo is located in Struilitsa area, which is a favorite place for recreation and promenades both for residents and visitors of the town of Devin.  The waterfall is among the highest in the Rhodope Mountains, the water falls from about 40-50 meters along vertical rocks and flows into the Devin river. Samodivsko praskalo waterfall is reached by a specially cons...Read more

Mount Videnitsa/Gyoztepe

The name comes from the Turkish words gyoz – eyes and tepe– mount and in clear weather the Aegean Sea can be viewed from here. Mount Videnitsa is the regional highest peak with its 1652 m. An ancient legend says that a sanctuary to the God Dionysius like the one in Delphi was built here. It is also believed that Alexander the Great visited the sanctuary. It is considered that the Thracian tribe Sa...Read more

Buynovo Gorge

The longest gorge in Bulgaria The gorge is a beautiful 10-kilometer long defile in the upper part of the Buynovo River. The road to the Yagodina village passes by it and in certain places the opposing vertical rocks almost touch each other over the road. Part of the unique karst of Buinovo Gorge is the famous Yagodina Cave and besides it in the region exist more than 35 caves. The gorge is known f...Read more

Yagodina Cave

Located on the right bank of The Buynovska River, 3 km from the village of Yagodina, the cave is part of the unique karst formation Buynovsko Gorge. It has three levels, and it is a labyrinth-like abyssal cave. With its 10 km maze it is one of the longest caves in the Rhodopes. In its most accessible part the temperature is constant and it is 6 °С. At the cave entrance a memorial plaque of the fou...Read more

Devil’s Throat Cave

The highest underground waterfall on the Balkans – 42 m. The abyssal cave the Devil’s Throat is one of the phenomena of the Trigrad Gorge. It has inspired many legends, keeps ancient secrets and is home to one of the biggest underground waterfalls in Europe – 42 m. It is one of the 12 waterfalls that outline the route of the Trigradska River inside the cave. It is named the Devil’s Throat be...Read more

Haramiyska Cave

The Haramiyska cave is located near the village of Trigrad – it is an abyssal cave that offers conditions for more extreme rather than classical-type cave tourism. It is one of seven caves in the region that were inhabited during antiquity. The cave is part of the Trigrad Cave Region covering thick Proterozoic marbles in the upper reaches of the rivers Vacha, Buynovska, Trigradska, Muglenska and S...Read more

Wolf Stone

Wolf Stone is a popular area in the Western Rhodopes, loved by tourists who are fond of adventures. The area is located Northeast of the village of Gyovren, about 1600 m. above sea level in karst marbles and gneisses of the Chamla Hill, surrounded by The Muglenska (Tenesdere) River and The Chairdere River, near the reserve Kazanite that was created for the preservation of mixed forest of fir (Abie...Read more