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Buynovo Gorge

The longest gorge in Bulgaria

The gorge is a beautiful 10-kilometer long defile in the upper part of the Buynovo River. The road to the Yagodina village passes by it and in certain places the opposing vertical rocks almost touch each other over the road.

Буйновско ждрело

Part of the unique karst of Buinovo Gorge is the famous Yagodina Cave and besides it in the region exist more than 35 caves. The gorge is known for its diversity of animal and plant species. It is declared a natural landmark and enlisted in the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Рампата Орлово око

Magnificent views over the Buynovo Gorge opens from the panoramic site Eagle Eye. The metal playground was built on Mount St. Elias at height of 1563 m. This site is the only of its kind in Bulgaria and 600 m below it the Buynovska River forms picturesque turns. From the top, in good weather, you can see the entire Rhodopes and the neighboring mountains.

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