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Dospat’s Tourist Information Center

Dospat’s Tourist Information Center provides interesting and useful information to tourists and the exhibit showcases items from people’s everyday life as well as agricultural tools.Dospat TIC Visitors can see how a fleece is made: from the production of the wool through the different processing procedures: combing, spinning, rolling, warping, and weaving.rugs Rugs, slippers, aprons, cloths, towels of various textiles as well as national costumes of the Dospat, Barutin and Zmeytsa regions are also exhibited. All artifacts embody the specifics and history of the respective region.TIC Dospat

Address: 1 Kapitan Petko Voyvoda Street, Dospat, Bulgaria

For more information: mob. phone: +359 (0) 894 43 81 42;

Working Hours: 09:00-19:00