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Devin’s Museum Collection

Devin’s museum collection is established by the local Comunity Center. Remnants of the roads of the Old World are still visible along the ridges of Devin. One of them started from Besapara, crossed the Rhodopes to reach Philippi and Thessalonica, the other from Philippopolis meandering at the foot of Mt. Persenk, the villages of Beden and Trigrad connected Thrace with the Aegean Sea. There are numerous archaeological finds and historical monuments found during excavations carried out within the town and the region.ceramics.JPG The statue of God Hermes, the dancing maenad, military Thracian armors, tools, pottery, millstones and adornments are displayed in the museum collection of the Rodopska prosveta – 1923 Community Center in Devin. The exhibit includes over 2000 artifacts of regional and national significance and is arranged in four different halls:

Hall 1 – Archeology (Antiquity)

Hall 2 – Medieval history

Hall 3 – Ethnography, customs and culture

Hall 4 – Photographs and documentsmuseum_coll.JPG

Address: Rodopska prosveta – 1923 Community Center, 1 Orpheus Street, Devin, Bulgaria