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Welcome to the Western Rhodopes Region!

Get to know its riches – smiling, hospitable people, delicious food, great views, fresh air, rich history and culture! Rhodope Mountains are magnificent and in its west share in their embrace the  municipalities of Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat are expecting you! Here on the winding mountain paths in the shade of old forests Orpheus charmed people and animals with his artful lyre. Follow us in his footsteps!...


Western Rhodopes is a tourist region which comprises the teritory of four municipalities: Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat, all of which are neighboring regions, with...

Скалето, Забележителности в Западни родопи


With its raw, yet soft nature – alternating sharp rocks, cliffs and canyons, and rounded ridges and pastures, lush and calm waters, ancient green...

Проект Богатствата за Западни Родопи, лого


The Regional tourist product of the municipalities of Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat was developed within the European project The Treasures of Western Rhodopes,...



от - May 27, 2014

With its raw, yet soft nature – alternating sharp rocks, cliffs and canyons, and rounded ridges and pastures, lush and calm waters, ancient green forests and lush meadows – Western Rhodopes tourist region captivates the hearts of the tourists. The fresh mountain air charms with the scent of Bratzigovo roses, wildflowers and herbs. Forest berries on the mountain meadows are like tiny hearts that quietly persuade you to agree to return again and again and again! It is impossible to see everything remarkable and interesting when travelling for a few days but undoubtedly one of the most amazing sights in the tourist region of Western Rhodopes are as follow: Ravnogor Thracian Mounds In November 1986 in Chemerikata area near the village of Ravnogor, during a potato sowing, villagers came upon a stone facility that later became known as the biggest domed Thracian tomb in Bulgaria. The discovery of the Ravnogor tomb urged the senior research scientist Georgi Kitov to excavate the site with a team of archeologists in 1987. The tombs date back to the 4th-6th C BC and are 20 in number. An extraordinary discovery was made in the 9th mound – ornamented horse trappings – bridle forehead plate seven round applications. Six of them grouped in pairs (used for cheek plates on both sides of the horse’s head) are depicted busts of the goddesses Athena, Artemis and Nike. Goddess Athena is depicted with helmet, shield and spear. The seventh application (placed on the chest of the horse) is depicted winged Thracian God with a wreath on his head. The objects are of great artistic value, made of silver and covered with gold leaf. The Ravnogor Thracian Mounds’ Treasure is stored in the Regional Historical Museum of the town of Pazardzhik, (when it’s not on a tour around the world – the treasure is represented in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA and Japan). More pictures of the Western Rhodopes you can find  here.Read more Karadzha Dere The protected area Karadzha dere is located near the town of Dospat and the village of Kusak, with a surface of about 1,000 hectares. It is established in 2008 to protect the habitats of rare and endangered plants and animal species along the Sarnena river /the Karadzha dere River/  and its adjacent areas.  Among the protected species are: /herbs/: Balkan thistle (Doronicum austriacum Jack), Zelenotsveten foxglove (Digitalis viridiflora Lind), Rhodope mountain mother (Lathrea rhodopea Dingler), Mountain valeriana (Valeriana Montana L.); /birds/: Jay (Garrulus glandarius), black woodpecker (Dryocopus martius), red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio), tit (Parus ater), great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopus major), capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra); /mammals/: otter (Lutra lutra); /reptiles/: European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis); /amphibians/: Tree Frog (Hylla arborea).  Through...

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