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Welcome to the Western Rhodopes Region!

Get to know its riches – smiling, hospitable people, delicious food, great views, fresh air, rich history and culture! Rhodope Mountains are magnificent and in its west share in their embrace the  municipalities of Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat are expecting you! Here on the winding mountain paths in the shade of old forests Orpheus charmed people and animals with his artful lyre. Follow us in his footsteps!...


Western Rhodopes is a tourist region which comprises the teritory of four municipalities: Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat, all of which are neighboring regions, with...

Скалето, Забележителности в Западни родопи


With its raw, yet soft nature – alternating sharp rocks, cliffs and canyons, and rounded ridges and pastures, lush and calm waters, ancient green...

Проект Богатствата за Западни Родопи, лого


The Regional tourist product of the municipalities of Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat was developed within the European project The Treasures of Western Rhodopes,...



от - Apr 6, 2014

Western Rhodopes is a tourist region which comprises the teritory of four municipalities: Borino, Bratsigovo, Devin and Dospat, all of which are neighboring regions, with similar natural resources and a common cultural and historical heritage. The distance between the municipal centers and the capital Sofia as well as the country’s main cities Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas is as follows: Distance (km) Sofia Plovdiv Varna Burgas Bratsigovo 138 41 420 296 Devin 203 90 469 345 Dospat 208 106 482 359 Borino 222 109 488 364 The territories of the Borino, Devin and Dospat municipalities are accessible only by car. The town of Bratsigovo, the village of Byala and the village of Kozarsko are accessible by car and by train. Foreign tourists can reach the region from the international airports in Plovdiv or Sofia which offer automobile transportation to all corners of the region. The roads within the region are well maintained. If coming from Greece, you can reach the region by car if you take the E79 road to the Kulata checkpoint, then drive through the town of Gotse Delchev to Dospat. Those who come from Turkey should take the E80 motorway through the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint, drive through Plovidv and then through Krichim to Devin.  Another way to reach the region /the town of Dospat, the village of Borino and the town of Devin/ is through the towns of Peshtera and Batak The riches of the Western Rhodopes provide a rare opportunity for unique combination of different types of tourism – rural, cultural, wellness and spa, fishing and hunting, adventure and eco-tourism! Short description of the Wesern Rhodopes The territory of the Western Rhodope region is characterized by mountainous, highly fragmented landscape with steep ridges cut by deep river valleys. Picturesque gorges and numerous karst features are typical of the region. The average altitude of the four municipalities is 1 095 meters. The abundance of water resources is considered a great treasure – rivers, lakes, reservoirs and mineral springs. The climate is temperate continental with a slight Mediterranean influence, and in places with an altitude above 950 meters – mountainous.  The average annual temperature is 13°С. The low mountain slopes are covered with oak and beech trees mixed with maple, hornbeam, hazel, lime, cornel-tree, briar and hawthorn. The highest parts are covered with coniferous forests. The territory is characterized by an exceptional diversity of plants, including species that are endemic for the Rhodope Mountains – Haberlea Rhodopensis, Rhodopean tulip, Geum Rhodopaeum. The mythical singer Orpheus had walked this ground, treading down the twisting paths underneath the shadow of centuries-old trees, enchanting both humans and beasts with his alluring lyre. The legend...

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