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The Dospat Dam

Located at an altitude of 1200 meters, the Dospat dam reservoir is among the highest in Bulgaria, and with its water area of 22 000 decares it ranks second in volume. The lake is 18 km long, its average width – 3 km and its average depth – 40 m. Its waters are used for sports fishing as well as for water tourism.

Язовир Доспат

The locals call the lake The diamond eye of the Rhodopes. It’s a favorite spot for relaxation for both the town’s residents and guests. Centuries-old forests of spruce and white pine encircle like a ring the lake and fill the air with the intoxicating aroma of resin. While relaxing on one of the nearby meadows, you discover how the Rhodopes songs came into existence – they are meant to be sung in the open so that the mountain echo could carry them far away.

риболов на яз. ДоспатVarious private and municipal facilities for recreation are built along its banks. Near the Dospat Dam you can camp in tents and experience exciting adventures, that will allow you to truly feel the magic of the tourist region of Western Rhodopes.

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