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Samodivsko Praskalo Waterfall

The beautiful waterfall Samodivsko praskalo is located in Struilitsa area, which is a favorite place for recreation and promenades both for residents and visitors of the town of Devin.

Водопад Самодивско пръскало

 The waterfall is among the highest in the Rhodope Mountains, the water falls from about 40-50 meters along vertical rocks and flows into the Devin river.

открит минерален басейн Струилица

Samodivsko praskalo waterfall is reached by a specially constructed trail made by the Tourist association Orpheus – 1970, with revenue from the Devil’s Throat cave. The path deviates to the right of the main trail Strulitsa-Kaleto-Lakata which is in turn built to facilitate access to the protected area The Devin River Valley. The eco path Strulitsa-Kaleto-Lukata is very attractive and includes metal bridges, staircases and recreation areas.

Девинска река

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